Got a problem? Draw it!

An effective way to solve a problem you've become bogged down with is to shut down your logical brain for a while and to use a technique I call Draw-It. Drawing is a right brain activity. It works because we think in terms of pictures as well as words. It, therefore, follows that we can solve problems using pictures as well as with words. DrawThe Draw-It technique is an aspect of The MultipleMind Method and involves using freehand scribbling, doodling and drawing to inspire ideas. Here's how the Draw-It technique works:
  • Write down the challenge or problem you are working on – be as specific as you can.
  • Then sit quietly until images, scenes or symbols that represent your situation come into your mind.
  • Draw as your mind wants you to draw. Don’t worry how it looks. Just draw.
  • Do as many drawings as you need.
  • Examine your drawing or drawings and write down what comes to mind. First write down the individual words or phrases that occur to you.
  • Then write a paragraph based on these words or phrases.
  • Finally, think about how it all relate to your challenge or problem. What solutions come to mind?
Happy drawing!

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